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Exile E-Sports Is Alive

POSTED BY EXL Darth October 19, 2019

Hey guys, EXL Darth here (aka Christian Sleeman)

I would like to take the time to let everyone know we have the very first version of the site up and running, there is still a few minor things i am working on with the teams and player profiles but the rest of the site is pretty much complete for now. If you have any suggestions for the time being please send me an email

It has been a long few months with everything else going on in my life but we are making strong headway. I have some exciting things planned for the organisation over the next few months.

This leads me to the next part i want to talk about. With every good Organisation comes very good players. We are now looking at recruiting players over all games. CS:GO, Fortnite Competitive, Rainbow Six Siege & more. To enquire about joining we will be adding an apply page very shortly but until then, email

Also, we now have Exile Apparel. You can check out the goodies here.

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